Alex Alemi
Cornell Physics Graduate Student
E-mail: ude.llenroc@442aaa
Office: 425A PSB

Here I aim to collect all of the handouts / solutions / articles, etc that I give out in the classes I teach.

213 - Heat and Electromagnetism

General Info

Course information can be found on Blackboard, in “PHYS2213-Tye-Fall2009: Physics II - Heat & Electromagnetism”

I teach Sections 4 and 10, Monday and Wednesday, and a lab section (6) Wednesday afternoon. Contact information can be found in my header, schedule on the Schedule page.

We will have discussion and co-op problems on monday and more discussion and quizzes on Wednesday. Homework is due Wednesday either in section or in my drop box, #21. Graded on effort. It will be returned the following Monday.

OH are Tuesday nights from 7:00 - 8:00 pm and Friday afternoons from 2:00 - 3:00 pm in Clark 130.


Note that the handouts are password protected. You should have gotten the username and password in section. If not, you can always email me for it.

  • Worksheet on Ideal Gas Law Derivation. And the solution sheet.

  • Link to a report on the accident of Amtrack PO52-18

  • A collection of 224 open ended physics problems by Kapitza. Totally for fun if you are looking for something to think about. If you ever think you come up with a solution, send it my way and I'll let you know what I think. Keep in mind, some of these, I don't think anyone knows the right answer, so yours is as good as anyones.

  • Solution to the first quiz.

  • Solution to the second quiz.

  • Solution to the third quiz.

  • Solution to the fourth quiz.

  • Solution to the fifth (EC) quiz.

  • Concepts for HW8.

  • Solution to the sixth quiz.

  • Solution to the seventh quiz. As well as the circuit diagram in question.

  • Concepts for HW9.

  • Solution to the eighth quiz.

  • Concepts for HW11.