Alex Alemi
Cornell Physics Graduate Student
E-mail: ude.llenroc@442aaa
Office: 425A PSB

Below is a collection of links about teaching physics. Some may find them helpful.

Things to Read

Videos to Watch

Blogs to Read

  • Dan Meyer's Blog - Fantastic High school math teacher. Be Less Helpful, fantastic use of multimedia.
  • Shawn Cornally's Blog - Great high school physics math and programming teacher. His physics articles are well worth the read. Shows you how different classes can be.
  • Rhett Allain's Blog - Always classic. Does a lot of analysis of YouTube videos.

Neat Physics Videos Resource

Recommended Journals

  • The Physics Teacher Online - Monthly journal that always has interesting articles on fun classroom problems / a look into misconceptions / pedagody / etc. Very readable. Interesting physics to boot.
  • American Journal Of Physics - The most readable physics journal I've found. Scientific American for grown-ups. Some often cutting edge physics described in a way that you could tell your students.
  • - Physics Education - A nice free resource for some interesting physics education articles.
  • - Popular Physics - A sometimes useful resource for discussions of interesting applications of physics.

Recommended Texts

Old Teaching Stuff