Alex Alemi
Cornell Physics Graduate Student
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Office: 425A PSB

Below is a collection of random things. For more random things, see my blog posts or physics.stackexchange answers.

Problems in Physics by Kapitza

This is a collection of 223 open ended physics questions Kapitza used to use on the hard core russian version of the Q exam. Fun to work through once and a while. If you ever work through a question, be sure to send it my way, I'd love to see it.

Building Planets

How would you design a planet of finite mass and constant density such that some point on the surface would have as large a gravitational acceleration as you could muster? And furthermore, how would this acceleration compare to that of a sphere of the same mass and density?


A neat card game, based on an old russian prisoner's game.


An original variant of ping-pong.


A rap that presupposes Dirac maybe was a vampire.

SPS Challenges

A collection of problems me and fellow graduate students have created as activities for the undergraduate SPS at Cornell.